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The Lemur Circle

We invite you to join the Lemur Circle, an esteemed donor circle committed to sharing the magical story of Madagascar and the importance of conserving unique wildlife and wild places.

Your donation will help create, support and sustain the Madagascar Journey exhibit at the South Carolina Aquarium, a great place for families to experience new and unique species and habitats, and to learn the importance of protecting and presserving biodiversity in places like Madagascar.
The Lemur Circle

Please consider the impact your gift can make…
  • $250 Provides our four lemurs their dry diet for one year
  • $500 Provides three live Madagascar animal outreach experiences through the Aquarium Rovers Program
  • $1,000 Provides the lemurs with enrichment items for a year to encourage natural behavior. These items include food, scents, plants and toys
  • $2,500 Provides needed veterinary treatment, daily care and training for our four lemurs for one month
  • $5,000 Provides props, supplies and materials for one year of Madagascar Education Programs
  • $10,000 Provides all tropical plants for the opening of the exhibit
About Your Gift

We welcome your annual support at one of these levels for the three-year term of the exhibit which includes membership to our Aquarium Society, recognition in the exhibit, and invitations to special Madagascar events.  

Make your donation online now or for more information call
(843) 579-8626.

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Note: when you make your donation, please note in your comments that your donation is for The Lemur Circle.

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